Our Back to Work Resource Center provides a single source option for employers who are wrestling with the legal and practical consequences of a changed world.

For less than the cost of a typical handbook update, you gain access to an extensive collection of resources and Miller Johnson work product that we are confident will provide meaningful support to your efforts to navigate waters that are not only choppy but continuously changing direction.

Here is a sampling of what subscribers will find:

  • Forms, Plans and Policies – we have drafted templates for you to put into service immediately
  • Practical Guidance – tools to effectively, safely and confidently return to work incorporating best practices from outside organizations, including community partners such as Spectrum Health
  • Industry Specific Guidance – pages devoted to industries singled out by the governor’s office
  • Training Videos providing employers with ready-made solutions to Executive Orders:

The Back to Work Resource Center provides access to materials such as:

  • compliance checklists
  • communications to employees about returning to work safely
  • preparedness plans built on best practices
  • health assessment and contact tracing tools
  • step-by-step guides on how to return safely
  • postings and policies relevant to COVID-19 concerns