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Whether you have a handful of employees working remotely in different states or multiple workplaces across the country, we know you need to stay up-to-date with employment laws nationwide. We also know that trying to stay updated with the laws of multiple states – in addition to all of the other jobs that are required of the modern HR professional – is a daunting task. Never fear, the Miller Johnson National Employment Law Compliance practice group is here to help.

Our team of attorneys regularly track employment law developments in all 50 states. Every two weeks, we publish the Compliance Bulletin – a straightforward and comprehensive summary of nationwide legal developments that allows you to efficiently keep your finger on the pulse of employment laws that apply to your employees. As always, Miller Johnson’s team of employment and labor attorneys are ready to help when you want to update your policies, or if you need more information about a recent legal development.

Subscriptions to the Compliance Bulletin are available in terms of one, two, or three years. During the length of your subscription you will also have access to an archive of the updates contained in all Compliance Bulletins.

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