Mental Health Provider Kit

If you are a mental health provider in a private practice feeling overwhelmed by the amount of documents needed to run your practice, fear no more Miller Johnson is here to help.

Inside the Mental Health Provider Kit you will find a library of documents written and reviewed by an attorney tailored to comply with Michigan Law. These documents will allow for faster start up time so that you can focus on what is really important, your clients.

By subscribing you will have access to the entire Mental Health Provider Kit library of documents for one year. Additionally, you will be added to our Mental Health Providers communication list where we will share relevant information to Mental Health Providers and you will also receive a 30 minute phone call with creator, Neil Marchand.

If you’re feeling unsure if this is kit is for you contact Neil Marchand at or call 616.831.1764.

*This kit does not include the documents needed to start your business. Contact Neil Marchand for more information on those specific documents.*

Mental Health Provider Kit

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