COVID-19 Back To Work Guidance

Our COVID-19 Back To Work Guidance center is one of the highest value propositions we’ve ever offered to clients and members of the business community. You get 6 months of unlimited access, for the cost of a few hours of legal counsel, to an extensive collection of material across our employment and labor, business and corporate, and litigation practices.

Now featuring 18 sections with content organized by subject for easy reference including topics like FFCRA, Preparedness Plans, Reductions in Force, Safety, and Telecommuting as well as industry specific guidance, the Back to Work Guidance Center serves as a blueprint for businesses.

Whether you are returning your workforce after disruption, establishing new protocols, or continuing operations and looking for a one-stop shop for decision-making tools, the Guidance Center serves as an on-demand, self-serve library of legal solutions without incurring hourly fees.

Here is a sampling of what is covered by your organization’s subscription:

  • Training Videos: Providing employers with ready-made solutions to Executive Orders, we offer:
    • Supervisor Training Video. To help companies adjust to the new legal landscape as they continue or resume operations, this 20-minute training gives supervisors the information they need right now including how to respond to employee concerns, what types of absences are protected by the maze of new laws, setting the example for employees regarding safety initiatives, and non-discrimination (as recommended by the EEOC).  Preview sample of the Supervisor Training video

Training Videos are also available for purchase separately for $250 each. Simply e-mail indicating which video you would like to purchase and we will send you a downloadable copy. Please include your company mailing address information.

  • Resources:  Want to immediately lay your hands on an executive order? A state or federal poster?  The DOL’s frequently expanding COVID-19 Q&A? Local health authority guidance?  New unemployment rules?  Industry reopening manuals? We have gathered what we consider to be the central books in the library in one place for your reference and convenience.
  • Forms, Plans and Policies:  Want suggestions for FFCRA forms? A COVID-19 Preparedness Plan?  A sample policy? A recall letter? We have drafted templates for you to put into service immediately or to serve as the foundation for your customization efforts.
  • Practical Guidance:  Want a flow chart to help sort out all the different leave requirements?  Suggestions for how to respond to employees who don’t want to work? Considerations for employees you are recalling to work? A checklist for new legal protections that apply to your employees? We have gathered practical guidance drafted by MJ attorneys to be relevant, user friendly and helpful to the real life considerations you are facing.
  • Weekly Update email:  All subscribers receive a weekly email keeping them up to day on new and updated documents in the Resource Center as well information on any changes in government policies or practices.

The Back to Work Guidance Center goes beyond education and offers our work product, which is why we have treated it differently. We have priced it at a level designed to be affordable so that anyone who wants to use it has that option even in difficult economic times. For Subscription details, click below.

The Back to Work Guidance Center provides access to materials such as:

  • compliance checklists
  • communications to employees about returning to work safely
  • preparedness plans built on best practices
  • health assessment and contact tracing tools
  • step-by-step guides on how to return safely
  • postings and policies relevant to COVID-19 concerns